IWAB0503E Unable to update Java build path. Please check your system environment.

As part of a volunteer assignment I’ve been spending a lot of time with Eclipse and Salesforce. We use Web Services to interact with Salesforce from our middle-tier, and the generated proxy code had not been updated in a few months (since the developer responsible for the code left the project).

Though I hadn’t played with Eclipse Web Services integration before, it seemed like it would be straightforward enough. I downloaded an updated WSDL, added it to my project, right-clicked on it, and chose Web Services->Generate Client.

Not so fast:


Some web searching uncovered that what this error really means is “The Web Services generation tool detected multiple versions of the javax.xml.soap plug-in installed. Resolve this error by removing the conflicting plug-in.”

Sure enough, when I checked in Eclipse there were two versions.


I encountered two speed bumps when testing this theory:

  1. There’s no easy way to uninstall a plug-in within the Eclipse UI, so I had to resort to removing the directory from eclipse\plugins directly from Windows Explorer.
  2. Which version should I remove? It took me two tries to figure out which version was causing the error. Turns out that newer is not always better…in this case 1.3 was at fault and 1.2 (javax.xml.soap_1.2.0.v200905122109) was the version to keep.
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4 Responses to IWAB0503E Unable to update Java build path. Please check your system environment.

  1. nomstradamus says:

    Thanks a lot saved me a ton of time .

  2. RussBrownDevelopment says:

    Finally, a blog post that solved my issue. I too deleted the wrong one first and oddly didn’t think to delete 1.3 until I read this.

  3. JavaBeen says:

    You are simply Awesome… 🙂

    It resolved my issue thank you…..Keep good work….

  4. neo_virtual says:

    I am using STS Version: 3.0.0.RELEASE Build Id: 201208091018 and was having this problem.

    Your solution worked perfectly! Thank you!

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