This site is dedicated to discovering, publicizing, and ridiculing bad or misleading error experiences, in an attempt to inspire better design. The authors of the site are software engineers, and we are motivated by a number of factors, including:

  1. Guilt for having inflicted poor error UI on the world in the past
  2. Having spent enough time tearing our hair out when an error message or experience fails to identify the root cause of a failure that we feel compelled to vent about it 
  3. The hope that our explanations of some of the errors we have encountered – no matter how obscure – will help save someone an hour or two of hair-tearing
  4. Egotistical aspirations that the experiences we are documenting will help educate and inspire others in the software community to be mindful of their users when handling error cases

Most of our examples will come from the software world, including UI and development frameworks. However, we are keen to include non-software error experiences as well.

We welcome your contributions, which may be sent via the Submit an Error form.

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