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A password is required to synchronize this notebook. (Error code: 0xE0000024)

I’ve been happily using OneNote to seamlessly share my task lists across my laptop and desktop. Until this week, when I was prompted with the following error: Of course, clicking on the information bar shows the notebook in question, but … Continue reading

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The operation failed.

Sometimes you can’t make up material like this. Jayu tipped me off to this error that occurs when clicking Send with an incomplete To address in Office 2010: No, this information was not helpful in the least. I discovered that … Continue reading

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Emirates Null Reference

As if tomorrow’s route from JRO->DAR->DBX->SFO->SEA won’t be arduous enough, I hit this error when checking in online: I’m a little skeptical that the local Emirates office will be able to track down this null-reference exception for me, though it’s … Continue reading

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ArgumentException: The string must be at least XXX characters long

Cross-posted from kennyw.com: I hit this obtuse exception the other day. The stack had System.Configuration code on it, which is the only way I managed to track it down to a StringValidator attribute. A few things that would have been … Continue reading

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Error 1001. The specified service has been marked for deletion

Cross-posted from kennyw.com, the experience that inspired this blog: Sometimes I think I should run a signspotting campaign for error messages. In this particular case, the error happens when trying to install or uninstall a Windows service. Since there was … Continue reading

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